Gold Connections

AdHoc Presents

Gold Connections

War Violet (Solo)

Tue · August 28, 2018

8:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Gold Connections
Gold Connections
After a debut EP in 2017 on Fat Possum, Will Marsh is at last ready to introduce the world to a Gold Connections full length, Popular Fiction, out May 11th via EggHunt Records. We have a word for the kind of music Will makes, flush with heady, youthful firstness and stepped in the worn warmth of folk and blues. We call it timeless. These songs are a hundred years old, and they are brand new. Echoes of the Harry Smith anthology brush up against Big Star, Sonic Youth, R.E.M.. When Will relates the facts of his life – his first loves, his fights, his late nights in hazy college bars – he calls on the Ancient Greek mythos, or the fiery, retributive bits of the Book of Genesis. Will describes Popular Fiction as a coming of age, but his scope sprawls far beyond his own time on Earth, forward and back, endless. In “Icarus,” Will howls raw-throated, ad infinitum: get back! Get back! Get back to rock and roll! There’s no purism in the plea – no disdain for kids these days, for electricity. It’s an expression of love, of hunger, of gratitude for the sound guidance of those who came before. There is boldness, and no small amount of bravery, in daring to contribute a verse. But Popular Fiction is a steady piece of reassurance, a new circle opening and spinning and slipping quiet to a close. We’re thrilled to hear how far he’s come. And we can see, with total clarity, just how far he can go.

- Peyton Thomas
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140 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11237