Ryan Martin

AdHoc Presents

Ryan Martin

Meghann Wright, Carl Banks

Sat · February 17, 2018

8:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin is many different things to different people. To some, he's a thoughtful and gentle young man from Los Gatos, California. To others he is a relatively recent denizen of New York City, who knew absolutely no one upon his arrival.

Since then, he has been known to others as a former pipe salesman, a doorman at a tourist bar on Bleecker Street, a mover of furniture, a bar-back at a debauched Chelsea bar, a campaigner for impoverished children, and a cash register operator at Trader Joe's.

Above all, everyone who has ever known Ryan Martin knows him as a musician of the highest order. He has been writing, singing and playing since his high school days in California.

Ryan has just released his debut album "For All the Beautiful Losers," which is the reason he journeyed all by his lonesome to NYC in the first place. He has survived, sleeping on stranger's couches, and in his car when he had to (before having to sell it, so he could keep on keeping on). The fact that the album is completed proves the old adage that everything that is truly good and worth paying attention to, eventually rises to the top.
Meghann Wright
Carl Banks
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Berlin - NYC
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