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Laser Background

gobbinjr, Check Out Old Table, Erica Eso (duo)

Thu · January 18, 2018

8:00 pm


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Laser Background
Laser Background
For the better part of the past decade, Andy Molholt has been creating music as Laser Background. With each release, Molholt has come closer and closer to a unified vision, a musical explanation of how he sees the world. With his new LP, he has come closer than ever before, and titled the result Dark Nuclear Bogs. Originally conceptualized while thinking up anagrams of Laser Background in order to play a secret show, Dark Nuclear Bogs is the classic ‘self-titled LP as mission statement’ flipped on its head, seen from the unique, kaleidoscopic perspective that Laser Background is known for.
Dark Nuclear Bogs was recorded in a friend’s house on a man-made reservoir north of Atlanta with Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader of Ava Luna. The houses’ décor, unchanged since the previous tenant left in the 1970s, provided a perfect environment for the trio to cut the songs live to tape, and the relative seclusion of the lake allowed them to record whenever inspiration struck. As a result, different songs feel attached to different times of day. The opening track “Mostly Water” (written during a period of self-induced sleep deprivation) sounds like an unwelcome, hung-over morning where wanderlust overtakes common sense, and the raucous “Slubberdeguillion” (which takes its name from an Olde English word meaning ‘worthless person’) acts as the sloppy, self-destructive all-nighter that precedes it. In this song, Molholt pitches his vocals up two octaves and wonders out loud. “Why even bother to take a shower if you’re going to get dirty?”
Formed after the demise of Molholt’s band The Armchairs, Laser Background began as an attempt to put the stranger, more psychedelic psychedelic aspects of childhood into music, and as an exploration of what effects childhood has on the rest of human life. 2012’s Laser Background EP and 2013’s Super Future Montage delved into these ideas, and even as the childlike aspects of the band drifted away on 2016’s Correct, the big questions remained. Questions we ask ourselves when we are young, and never quite find the answers to. Questions like “How does one deal with trauma?” and “How does one know when to let someone go?” Dark Nuclear Bogs feels like the logical conclusion to the ideas on which Laser Background has based its foundation."I wanted to create a psychedelic action/adventure LP," says Molholt. "I look at Super Future Montage as a sort of mission statement, not just for Laser Background, but for life in general. I look at this album as my life's work."
Repetitive themes run rampant throughout the record, drawing parallels between birth, death, sleeping, waking, the monotony of the mundane & the peculiarity of the mystical. Molholt neatly wraps this colossal array into a confectionary web of confusion ripe for the tasting. "It's a reminder of sorts, that existence is filled with beginnings & endings," Molholt offers. "The human condition is basically one big lost & found. Once you really embrace the idea that security of any kind is an illusion, you can start to move forward & break new ground."
Produced by Michael Johnson (Ape School, Lilys, Holopaw) & engineered by Michael Trillions (Norwegian Arms, Grandchildren), Super Future Montage pushes Laser Background into unexplored sonic territory, hijacking expectations & forcing the listener to come along for the ride. Echoing influences like Of Montreal's Coquelicot & Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy), Molholt forges a sound both reminiscent & all his own, a post psychedelic avant-pop vacation. If past, present & future are the fruits of time, here Molholt has created his orchard. And in this warped universe, where time no longer matters, the flowers are constantly in bloom.
Check Out Old Table
Erica Eso (duo)
Erica Eso is a microtonal pop project founded by composer and synthesizer player, Weston Minissali of Cloud Becomes Your Hand. "Perhaps one of the most quotable hooks of 2015 comes from an unexpected source. Erica Eso, a new 'globalized pop' sensation emanating from avant synthesist Weston Minissali, delivers an excitable melody in an unknown falsetto: it croons a rousing chorus for modern hearts" (Tiny Mix Tapes) The brooklyn-based quartet is comprised of Rhonda Lowry on drums, Nathaniel Morgan on bass and Ellen O'Meara on synthesizer.
Primarily composed in an attic, 2019 (a date in time, a lucky anagram, or maybe just an arbitrary value deemed significant) is the debut album of Erica Eso (a name plus music, an empty bracket, not an alter ego). The album exhibits abstract sound palettes willfully submitting to the universal pop song structure. Synthesizers born of distorted sine waves and quarter tone temperament join with an unknown loner's fragile falsetto singing proudly of loss and rebirth. Songs like "One Hundred Years," "Neer Me Ruuner," and "Crippled Symmetry," celebrate the clean, gridded pulse of the dance floor, but the instinctive spirit of the record lies in the murky, arrhythmic swells and clicks of tracks like "Iris Kyle" and "Am Eve Erica." But whose femininity is hollering out amongst this reverb?
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