Heathered Pearls

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Heathered Pearls

Physical Therapy, Beta Librae, Ciarra Black

Sat · August 19, 2017

11:59 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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Heathered Pearls
Heathered Pearls
"Unlike some ambient music, Loyal, Polish-born Jakub Alexander's release under the Heathered Pearls moniker, embraces the idea of melody with understated but distinct sounds emerging from the loops Alexander uses to construct his tracks. Pitchfork says lead single, "Beach Shelter," "feeds off the same kind of unsettling ambience as Tim Hecker'sRavedeath, 1972, where the sense of a malevolent force lurking just beneath the surface is prevalent throughout. It's filled with coarse, sandpaper-y textures, all pulling together to create a sense of quiet abrasion.""

Heathered Pearls is Polish-born Brooklynite Jakub Alexander, whose career in music was deeply rooted before ever releasing his own. Curator for Tycho's ISO50 blog, co-founder of the Moodgadget label, and A&R at Ghostly International, Alexander has been entrenched in the industry since 2002. He was first introduced to the power of ambient music by his mother at an early age, discovered techno as a teenager living in the Detroit area, and gradually learned to create his own vision of the genres.

In 2012, Heathered Pearls wrote and released his first album. Loyal mimicked the hypnotic and swelling motions of ocean waves at night with melodic, loop-based ambient music, and was well received across the board. But Alexander would only move on from there, inescapably drawn to dancefloor ideas and memories of the engrossing techno mixes he pored over as a kid. The second Heathered Pearls album, Body Complex, was conceived in that mindset—transforming Loyal's gritty, soporific textures into immaculate 4/4 figurines, glacial tone drifts, and starry synth plateaus. It's the beginning of a new phase in Alexander's ever-evolving project, the possibilities of which expand seamlessly into the realms of music, art, and performance.
Physical Therapy
The future face of 3-step, dream house and drum n' space
Beta Librae
NYC via Kansas producer Beta Librae (aka Bailey Hoffman) dons neural lace under headphones and zones into a deep and vitalic stasis of acid and dub-tinged techno on debut "Swope Park".

These nine low key crushers loop with aquatic textures and loose, freeform sequencing, finding a particular energy between a familiar acid paradigm and broader frenetic sensations. A Slava performance was initial inspiration for the minimal set up itself, and Hoffman's imagination was sparked further while subletting a room in tropical/electronic band Lemonade's apartment and hearing them practice every day.

Hoffman's experiments are fluid and circular and come as a direct result of new experiments with a Korg Electribe. The endless possibilities of empty slots on a sampler are treated with classic cyborg ideals—viewing it as an extension of her brain that can be loaded with absolutely any sound, and of course fucking with it all with a very human hand.
Ciarra Black
Ciarra Black
Uptempo building rhythms and heavy analog synth textures from one of Brooklyns best DJ's. Second live set at 538. Half of Appetite.
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1031 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY, 11211