Painted Zeros, Slow Mass

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Painted Zeros

Slow Mass

Stove (solo), Bethlehem Steel

Sun ยท September 24, 2017

8:00 pm


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Painted Zeros
Painted Zeros
"...Though a trio live, Lau sings and plays everything on this record, recording it in her bedroom, which must be the size of a Hollywood backlot for all the sweeping zeal that is intermittently attained (oh wait, she lives in Brooklyn)...What it is we're not sure, this is only a five-song (kind of four and a half) EP after all. But whatever it is, it's exciting." - CMJ
Slow Mass
Stove (solo)
Stove (solo)
Stove is a new beginning, a "band" with no preconceived notions, no expectations. Things are getting Stupider, but nothing in the world of Stove is quite as it appears. Is it a band? Is it a solo project? It's all irrelevant and getting deceivingly Stupider, if you chose to believe that.

Stove's debut album Is Stupider, was written and performed alone by Stove Van Borden himself... Steve Hartlett. Following the demise of Ovlov, Hartlett wasted no time converting songs previously written for his former band's sophomore album into his new vision, an ever morphing sound too inspired to stand complacent. With the seeds of a revolving cast of friends and musicians collaborating live, Hartlett recorded Is Stupider himself, tracking the bass, guitar, drums, and vocals on his own during the span of three days this past spring, fatefully concluding on 4/20... a Stupid coincidence... but a coincidence no less.

Recorded and mixed at The Barn in beautiful rural Panton, Vermont with producers Nick Dooley and Dan Francia (both of Brooklyn's Flagland), Is Stupider is an album of expansive thoughts where the ideas shape themselves. Hartlett's songwriting travels as far dynamically in tonality as it does emotional depth, achieving the same impact from the song's fuzzy guitar melodies as their honest lyrics. Exploring the delicate balance of life's heavier choices vs. the need for a sense of humor and a healthy dose of alcohol and weed, Is Stupider is a view of our world from afar, taking the time to step back and watch the Stupidity of our choices and conventional beliefs with a sarcastic yet hopeful charm.

The album's art captures the themes and vast sonic textures with a brilliantly vibrant painting from Ben Prisk, the visionary behind Squidbillies impeccable background art. Matching the album's swirling guitars and hazy outlook, Prisk's painting is nothing if not radiant... the perfect visual welcome to Stove's outer-space drift.

Stove Is Stupider, but don't believe everything you hear.
Bethlehem Steel
Bethlehem Steel just wrapped up recording an EP, which the band hopes to release by the end of summer, also on Miscreant. Both Tamko and Ryskalczyk serve as the bands' lyricists and take a collaborative approach to tweaking song components with their bandmates. They also forgo any vocal restraint during live performances; Ryskalczyk's singing on the upcoming EP is "pretty chill and quiet," she said, though she won't pare down screaming in the live set. "That's something that I don't want to take away from the live performance," she said. "Getting into it and feeling everything and interacting with each other onstage is important." _ The Le Sigh
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